The Power of Women Learning Workshops™


Get inspired, connect with other fabulous women at these powerful workshops designed to help move you along your path to success!

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Bring the Power of Women Learning to Your Group or Workplace

Do you have a corporate training or group event that is specifically for women?

Patterson McGrath & Associates is the premier source for the latest research and training for women in Canada.

Three different sessions are available in keynote, half-day or full day format.


Do women lead differently? What has changed for women over the years? How do we effectively encourage and develop women leaders? What challenges do women face that enhances or inhibits our performance? Download .pdf »

The Balance - Managing Stress

What is the key to creating balance and managing the stress at work and at home? How do we create that balance so we can function at a higher level? What different challenges do women face? Download .pdf »

Emotional Intelligence - The Gender Factor

IQ gets you through school and EQ gets you through life. Emotional Intelligence is here to stay. Learning how to manage your emotions, understanding your own reactions and the impact we have on others is critical to managing our relationships at home and at work Download .pdf »