StressMap® is an award-winning, scientifically valid tool for assessing your stress and your skills for turning stress into performance. Over one million Stress Maps have been sold worldwide!

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StressMap® helps the user to explore sources of stress and personal responses to them. The Map pinpoints your strengths and vulnerabilities, detects burnout zones and helps you chart new strategies for enhancing personal health and overall performance. Ideal for classroom teaching or one-on-one instruction, the StressMap® can be used as the foundation for course design or incorporated into existing programs.

Stress is something we all experience. It is the everyday impact on your body as you respond to the people, places and things in your life.

You can achieve and maintain balance in your lifestyle if you can learn to effectively manage your environment. In order to find your balance, you need to become aware of the different types of stressors in your life, how your perceive those stressors and how you choose to react to them. The StressMap® enables you to explore your stress and find balance in your life.

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